The first REAL spirit invention in the last 300 years - The Story about Schü....

What happens when you send two guys with a bunch of ideas and way too many business contacts on an alcohol fuelled hike?

Well, our research determined it might be a high-philosophy session where they
discover that the standard Sunday-morning hangover needs some variety. Obviously the only solution had to be to brew our own stuff.

Those „special ideas“ might have quickly been forgotten after a 6 hour long nap, would it not have been for the fact that a global pandemic forced people worldwide to party in their moms basements with nothing to drink but 40-year old bathtub-brew.

Faced with this disaster we did the biggest think of them all and came to the only logical conclusion: that our meeting must have been destiny, a match made in heaven so to speak, that told us to combine our powers and invent the ultimate alcoholic beverage.
What followed was an epic quest taking us all across the globe and through some of the planet’s most prolific (-is prolific even the right word? -don’t know man, just write it...) drinking cultures from Ireland to Russia to the US of A, and back to the Irish again, just for good measure.  

After floating a lot of different ideas around for some time, we just so happened to find our “secret ingredient” in a terrible, terrible place (just a joke) which we never dared to expect any inspiration from…A French drink made from grapes just as unripe as ourselves seemed to
provide the certain fruity sensations we were looking for, however it had some essential shortcomings which we soon compensated by combining it with just the right kind of drunk to round everything off.

And what was the final result of our idea during the hike? Nothing but a completely new drink capable of turning a normal evening into one of those nights you’ll (maybe not) remember for the rest of your life…