"Aromatic and fruity nose with notes of lemons, pineapple, herbs, lemon verbena and slight ginger. Sweet palate with great acidity and notes of honey, melon, eucalyptus, citronella and finger with a pleasant finish."

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The Story of Schü

What happens when you send two guys with a bunch of dumb ideas and way too many business contacts on an alcohol fuelled hike?
Well, our research determined it might be a high-philosophy session where they discover that the standard Sunday-morning hangover needs some variety.

Obviously the only solution had to be to brew own shit.
Those „special ideas“ might have quickly been forgotten after a 6 hour long nap, would it not have been for the fact that a global pandemic forced people worldwide to party in their moms basements with nothing to drink but 40-year old bathtub-brew.

Faced with this disaster we did the biggest think of them all and came to the only logical conclusion: that our meeting must have been destiny, a match made in heaven so to speak, that told us to combine our powers and invent the ultimate alcoholic beverage.

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